About Us

We are a news portal and multi-media news service dedicated to serve the society with unbiased and in-depth news and views on different aspects of life.
Having our headquarters at Lucknow and covering primarily the state of Uttar Pradesh, we have succeeded in setting up a wide news network across all nooks and corners of the state in a short period of operation. This network is being expanded in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan at a critical speed.

At any given time, readers engaged at our news portal https://kanvkanv.com are above one lakh page view in a month whereas our reach on Whatsapp broadcasts crosses one lakh decision making citizens in the state. This is further multiplied by number of readers sharing our news slide broadcasts. The figures are growing in exponential manner. Whatsapp broadcasts are also highly effective medium for putting the existing networking capabilities of these institutions to optimal utilization.

Our Alexa ranking has been improving everyday amongst Indian websites (A fairly high rank for a young site) . It may further improve by the time this proposal reaches you.